Acne Clinic

Let’s Treat the
Irritated Acnes!

This is the beginning of becoming
more confident with clear and clean skin.
Now is the time to get the red acnes treated!

Acne Clinic

Let’s Erase Adult Acnes, the Signs of Puberty!

Acne is an inflammatory disease that is developed because of the skin produces too much sebum and has a problem with discharging sebum well out of the pores. Acnes are commonly referred to as ‘the sign of youth’ and it is mostly found in puberty. However, acnes can show up on anyone, male or female and young or old, from women in 20~30’s to men who are stressed. It can cause interpersonal problems so it is best that the acne is treated at an early stage.
  • It's important to start treatment with determining the root cause of acne. The meticulous treatment performed by the
    skilled medical stuff of the Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic is headed to prevent acne relapse.

Acne Clinic

Acne Treatment, Let’s Find out about the Cause First!

Overproduction of sebum

Acnes develop when a hormone called androgen is stimulated which leads to increase of sebum secretion.

Clogged pores

Stratum corneum can clog pores and lead to having difficulties in discharging the sebum. This can become a cause of acnes.

Bacterial growth and multiplication in skin

Touching your face with your hand often or using a cosmetic product wrong can lead to bacterial multiplication.

Other causes

Alcohol, fatty food, and cigarettes worsen acnes. Also, it is not recommended to wash your face too many times.

Oracle Special

Turning Bumpy Skin into Smooth Skin!

01. Consultation and Treatment Offered by a Doctor

Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic offers face-to-face consultation and treatment performed by a specialist for accurate diagnosis and safe treatment

02. 1:1 Customized Treatment

At Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic, we offer a 1:1 customized treatment to give you the best treatment to improve your skin conditions.

03. Mark-Vu Examination System

Using 4 types of LED light, we analyze the skin problem more accurately and provide a more thorough treatment plan by observing the skin conditions that cannot be observed with eyes.

There are more types of acnes that you think!

Whitehead / Blackhead

Whitehead and blackhead are non-inflammatory acne.

Acne Papulosa

Stage of acne development where the skin has turned red due to inflammation on comedo

Acne Pustule

Stage of acne development where the skin has created a well-developed pus pocket

Acne Nodule

Acne that is big and deep. The acne feels firm inside.

Acne Conglobata

The severest form of acne. The acne is pathologically swollen.

Acne Clinic

Recovery to Healthy Skin,
Minimizing the Reoccurrence of Acnes!

If acnes are treated by routinely drying out the sebum and eliminating the dead skin cells to kill the acne bacteria,
it could damage and irritate the skin. At Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic, we offer a differentiated treatment
that improves skin condition and restores the skin to become healthier and cleaner.

Improves skin condition using a differentiated treatment method that is suitable for the condition.

Controls sebum using a premium device that is suitable
for the symptom.

Treats acnes by eliminating dead skin cells.

Controls acne bacteria through customized skin treatment
for different symptoms

Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic X Mark-Vu Skin Diagnosis Review

Your Skin Treatment Starts from
Getting Accurate Diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis on skin and lesion

Accurate diagnosis
on skin and lesion

Consultation with professional dermatologist

Consultation with professional dermatologist

Specialized laser for discoloration

Specialized laser
for discoloration

  • 4 Types of LED Light

    Precise Measurement that
    You Have Never Experienced Before

    The skin analyzing system that uses 4 types of LED light shows diseases that cannot be observed with eyes and helps us analyze the skin problem more accurately and provide a more thorough treatment plan. 12 skin conditions including pores, fine lines, hot flush, melanin, sebum, and acne can be analyzed using the system.

마크뷰 기계 이미지
  • 18 million pixels DSLR camera

    Elaborate Imaging that
    Goes Beyond Clear Imaging

    CANNON DSLR provides high quality images that
    can be processed to become clearer. This allows us
    to analyze the skin condition more accurately and precisely
  • Detailed / Comparative analysis system

    Thorough Analysis That is Close to Perfection

    Skin type is suggested by observing the redness, acnes, etc. to see if the sensitivity of the skin and by checking the amount of sebum. With results from 12 items, before and after image of the skin is compared to analyze the improvements.

Oracle Program

Acne Treatment Program at Oracle Dermatology Clinic

  • MPDT

    Using the cutting-edge treatment method that Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic developed, acnes are treated by injecting photosensitizer that disassembles when exposing acne lesion to the light and then exposing the lesion to a specific light source.

  • Agnes Laser

    This treatment not only treats acnes, acne marks/scars but it also treats acne symptoms that are harder to treat such as blackheads, intractable acnes, and reoccurred acnes.

  • Aqua Peeling

    Aqua Peel is a peeling treatment that is gentle and that does not irritate the skin. It eliminates sebum, whitehead, and blackheads in pores and gets rid of demodex folliculorum which leaves off sebum and impurities.

  • Dot Peeling

    This treatment is the most commonly used treatment for acne. It applies highly concentrated TCA to the deeper parts of loosened pores and fills up acne marks and scars by inducing collagenesis.

  • Cellec Laser

    The treatment uses 8 types of waves that are customized to different colors to stimulate skin regeneration. The device is effective in treating freckles, blemishes, acnes, and redness, and it makes the skin clearer and cleaner.

  • Secret Laser

    This treatment directly delivers RF to the skin by using a micro unit needle. The recovery time is short, and it barely causes any pain. The treatment shows high satisfaction rate among office workers.

  • CICU Laser

    This treatment is effective in treating fine lines, elasticity, pores, acnes, acne scars, and other types of scars. It delivers the laser beam not only to the surface of the skin but also to the dermis

  • Droplet Liftung, Perfect Wave

    This treatment effectively reduces the cause of skin conditions (aging, acne diseases, and etc.) by penetrating the skin using strong ultrasound without causing any pain or swelling.

  • Potenza

    Potenza reduced the level of pain compared to the original INTRAcel. The distinctive feature is the 12 tips which have been expanded from the original 1 tip. Using the high frequency electricity, the device is used to coagulate. It uses the heat caused in contact resistance to get coagulation


Take note of the following!

Refrain from touching the treated area or massaging
the face too much.

Stay away from fatty food, alcohol, and smoking during
the treatment period.

Applying a moisturization cream and the prescribed regeneration
cream often helps with the skin regeneration.

Refrain from visiting public bath, sauna, Jjimjilbang (Korean dry sauna),
and etc. during the treatment period.

It is recommended that you wear sunscreen with SPF
over 30 when going out.