Complete your youthful face while lifting
from deep inside your skin

Use HIFU High-Strength Concentrated Ultrasonic waves
to perform high-heat lifting treatments and use three tips
to maximize lifting effects.


A face that gets younger as time goes by!

Shurink procedure is designed to provide accurate, strong ultrasound energy at a depth of
1.5mm to 4.5mm into the skin that the normal laser does not penetrate.
A procedure that concentrates and lifts the skin, resulting in a lifting effect on the sagging skin.

Natural effects

Collagen regeneration in skin

Simple ointment anesthesia

Immediate effect

Shurink, Recommended for?

Someone who has aged with age and
lost the lines on his/her face.

If you look older than your actual age with
deep smile line wrinkles.

If you're worried about your skin sagging
after the orthognathic surgery.

If you want to solve your fine wrinkles,
deep wrinkles or other part of wrinkles.

※ Symptoms of swelling, bruising, and bleeding vary from person to person.
To minimize side effects, Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic provides consultation with professional medical staff before the procedure.


Pull the collagen from the depths of your skin

Shurink procedure concentrates accurate and strong ultrasonic energy at a depth of 1.5mm to 4.5mm
into the skin that the normal laser does not penetrate, resulting in a lifting effect on the saggy skin.


Formation of a thermal coagulation point on the upper layer of the dermis with a depth of 1.5mm


Heat coagulation at the bottom of the dermis layer at a depth of 3mm


Formation of thermal coagulation in a 4.5mm depth fibrous peritoneum (SMAS Layer)


Effect of skin lifting by regenerating collagen around the thermal coagulation point


    Shurink's Triple Lifting

    Shurink lifting effect is maximized
    by focusing uniformly on depth,
    so you can experience natural elastic effect.

  • More effective lifting
    with HIFU ultrasound

    Immediate lifting
    effect on sagging skin

    Reinforcement of
    weakened elasticity

Frequently asked question for Shurink

Q: Will it affect my daily life after the procedure?

You can return to work and daily life immediately after the Shurink lifting procedure.

Q: When can I see the results of the procedure?

Shurink has immediate effects after the procedure. The effects are increasing gradually,
so you can see the most noticeable effects between 8 and 12 weeks after the procedure.

Q: Is it painful during the procedure?

There will not much pain as ointment anesthetic will be done before the procedure.

Q: Can we go through shurink treatment after botox or filler procedure?

Botox or filler procedure is recommended after the shurink treatment.


Precaution to take note of

It is recommended to apply sunscreen to protect your skin.

Allow 2 to 3 days after treatment until skin has calmed down.

Reduce having sauna, smoking and drinking as it affect your skin regeneration.

It is good to eat vegetables or vitamins to promote collagen regeneration.

Avoid strong provocative action to the area treated.