Hair/Bikini Waxing

Say goodbye to
unwanted hair!
Hair Removal

Completion of smooth hairline
and clean bikini line!

Bikini Line Hair Removal

Bikini line hair removal is removal of hair visible from the front.
The procedure to remove hair may be more sensitive than other areas
and may be darker than other areas, such as the armpit.

At least 5 procedures are required every 6 weeks.

It takes six to seven months.

It is safer than other hair removal methods that are prone to follicle infection.

Women can perform the procedure freely with a female specialist doctor.

Satisfactory result after procedure.

Bikini Line Hair Removal

Start initial treatment before it’s too late

Many people are planning to wear bikini during the summer.
But it is too late to prepare in the summer. Bikini line hair removal requires at least 5 procedures every 6 weeks,
so it takes 6 to 7 months to prepare in advance.

Hair Line Removal

The most ideal hairline is known when the ratio from the nose to the hairline,
nose to the chin line and to the nose is 1:1:1. Unlike other parts of the body,
just remove hair from the forehead is not satisfactory.

The hairline calibration alone improves the image of the small face.

It's more important that the results are pretty and natural.

The M-shaped hair line is designed in a circle with the hairline connecting the two sides at the beginning of the M-shaped hairline.

Image Transformation! Natural Hair Line!

I'm not afraid of the wind anymore!

Having an M-shaped hairline gives you a stubborn, masculine and strong image
when it comes to getting older and mature middle-aged man. For most women,
they never wear a hairband and always have their bangs to cover it.

Oracle Program

Guwol Oracle Dermatology Hair Removal Program

Apogee Plus

Apogee plus is a high-absorbent Alexandrite laser with 755 nm wavelengths. Effective hair removal is possible by minimizing damage to surrounding tissues and selective destruction of only melanin pigments in hair follicles.

Amazing Result! Apogee Plus

  • 755nm Alexandrite

    1064nm Nd:Yag

Let's get rid of unwanted hair!

Aposey Plus, which is approved by the U.S. FDA for stability, is a device launched by
a famous laser equipment company called Cynosure. With 755nm of Alexandrite laser,
which is suitable for effective hair removal. And also have a result of clean hair removal
because it does not come into contact with the skin and selectively concentrates heat on
melanin pigments in the follicles to destroy the hair cells.

Treatment suitable
for all type of skin

It can be used for all skin types and can be treated for any part of the body.

From thick to thin!

It can be removed effectively, from thick to thin hair type.

regeneration effect

Energy reaches the dermis and regenerates collagen.

Safe and minimize
pain treatment

The air-cooling system make you feel almost no pain during the treatment.

The 24mm wide spot size allows fast and effective treatment.

Up to 24mm spot size is 156% faster than the other 15mm spot size and 78% wider than the latest 18mm spot size, which is up to 2.5 times faster and less expensive. The expanded spot size enables efficient energey transfer up to a deeper layer for safe, effective and comfortable procedures.

Spot Size

Hair Line Removal, Recommended for?


If you want to narrow your face shape.


Someone who wants a natural hairline and youthful face.


Someone with messy or irregular hair line.


Someone who wants a slim face shape.


Precaution to take note of

No pulling or waxing and no shaving.

It is recommended that you apply sufficient moisturizer as the treatment can dry your skin.

After the procedure, for a day or two, your skin will get red and swollen a little, but it will soon disappear.

You can take a shower or make-up immediately after treatment, but it is recommended to avoid sauna, hot bath, swimming, etc. to prevent follicle infection.

It is recommended that the treatment area is not exposed to ultraviolet light for long periods of time after treatment, and also make sure to apply sunscreen.

After treatment, it is recommended that you avoid sauna or sauna for two to three days.