Clients Service

Guwol Oracle Dermatology has strengthened
its service for foreign patients with the opening of
an international cooperation team and has established
a system for foreign clients such as interpretation
service, concierge service, hotel reservation, tax refund
service and expansion of other exclusive facilities.

  • 구월동오라클피부과 영문, Pre-consultation Service
    구월동오라클피부과 영문, Reservation Service
    구월동오라클피부과 영문, Consultation
    구월동오라클피부과 영문, Treatment / Operation
    구월동오라클피부과 영문, Post-treatment/operation Care Service
    구월동오라클피부과 영문, Tax Refund Service
  • Pre-

    Pre-consultation regarding treatment/
    surgery area, estimate price, treatment/
    operation time, recovery time,
    visit and reservation.

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    Reservation for consultation and
    operation on the most convenient
    day for the patients.

    Provide help with reservation for
    nearby hotels and pick-up service.


    ·Appointment with consultant
    and specialized dermatologist.
    ·Well-trained interpreters
    throughout the whole visit.

    Treatment /

    Treatment / Operation poceeds
    after the confirming the treatment/
    surgery area and signing
    of the consent form.

    Operation Care Service

    ·Provide various post-treatment/
    operation care systems. (Instruction
    on medication, sleeping position,
    cleansing and etc.)
    ·Reservation for post-treatment/
    operation follow-up.
    ·Provide post-treatment/operation
    care interpretation.

    Tax Refund Service

    ·Foreigners with tourist visa can receive
    tax refund at Incheon Airport during their
    departure within 90days.
    ·Tax refund can be processed on the day
    of departure via tax refund kiosk located
    at the concourse/passenger terminal
    of Incheon Airport.
    ·Must bring your passport to your
    appointment(s) for us to provide tax
    refund service.

A Comfortable
A Better Results

With the belief that a comfortable
environment can lead to better care and
results. We'll always work hard to make
sure that each and every customer feel
comfortable during their visit here
at Guwol Oracle Dermatology.

Pre-consultation Service

A Relaxing

A place to relax and rest
while waiting for your turn.

A Private Room, Just For You

A Private Room,
Just For You

We operate a 1:1 private care
service for customer to give each
and every one our fullest.

  • 구월동오라클피부과 영문, for you
    구월동오라클피부과 영문, 특별함02

Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic That Always Treat Each And Everyone Like A Family