Thermage CPT

Maximize face & body lifting with just one procedure!

This procedure creates heat deep inside the skin to
contract collagen while inducing regenerative
power to create an elastic skin


Thermage CPT help you achieve an elastic skin

Thermage CPT is a third-generation of Thermage equipment that complements
the treatment effects of the existing equipment due to its discomfort caused by pain.
Thermage CPT has further enhance its effectiveness and reduce pain,
which allow more comfortable procedures.

Improve wrinkles and saggy skin

Improve body line

Improves widen pores

Lifting effect

Thermage CPT, Recommended for ?

For those wants to improve wrinkles and sagging skin.

If your skin is less elastic and starts to sag.

If you notice or feel uncomfortable due to bulging or decreased
elasticity under your eyes.

If you feel troubled by drooping eyelid and wrinkles.

If you notice or feel troubled by more obvious fine wrinkles.

※ Symptoms of swelling, bruising and bleeding vary from person to person. To minimize side effects, Guwol Oracle DErmatology provides careful consultation with professional medical staff before the procedure.


  • Elastic skin !

    High-frequency energy is transmitted to the skin layer and subcutaneous to the skin layer and subcutaneous fat layer to shrink the collagen that strengthens the skin, restoring elasticity and creating new collagen to imporve wrinkles and stubborn skin.

    Skin before treatment

    Skin after treatment

3 Extreme Lifting! Appeal program


Twice a year management program

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  • STEP 01

    Thermage CPT

    Dermal layer collagen formation, firm skin.

  • STEP 02


    Lifting face line by pulling SMAS layer.

  • STEP 03

    Hydro Lifting

    Supply of dermal layer hyaluronic acid and moisturizing.


Precaution to take note of

Light cleansing, make-up and shower are allowed from the day after the procedure.

Apply skin regeneration serum and moisturizer to the treatment area.

To prevent pigmentation, apply sunscreen above 30 SPF.

For two weeks after treatment, you should refrain from drinking, taking aspirin and other medications that can impair blood clotting.

Make sure that the dead skin is naturally removed and do not scrub or tear it away or remove it intentionally.