Body Clinic

If you want
a ideal body line?

Find your ideal body line.
Redesign it with S-line body.

Body Clinic

Find your ideal body line

In order to correct uneven body lines, only unnecessary fat is removed evenly.
Only the fat is extracted from the desired area to help complete the smooth body line.
It also makes a balanced and beautiful body by considering individual body types and propotions and
it has a slimming effect due to the effect of body type bridge correction and weight loss.

Remove the desired area of fat to
create a smooth body line.

Create a beautiful body by considering individual
body shapes and proportions.

It has a overall slimming effect as it has a body calibration
and weight loss effect.

We're able to remove area of fats
that are hard to slim down.

Possible liposuction in various areas

  • Abdominal

  • Waist,
    Love handles

  • Hip, Thigh

  • Calves

  • Arm,
    Under arm

  • Face

  • 구월동오라클피부과 영문, Handmade liposuction


It is a liposuction machine that minimizes the pain and worry of patients
with low vibration and low noise with powerful power of up to 500CPM.


Ultrasound energy is used to selectively dissolve only the fat cells without
damaging the blood vessels, nerves and other tissues. Just like grit curshing gravel,
it breaks solid fat into liquefied state and when liquefied fat comes out of the cell,
it is absorbed and released into our body, so smooth body line can be obtained
without going through the separate liposuction process.

Venus laser

Venus Upping Laser is a minimal non-intersectional invasive procedure,
which is a safe procedure with little tissue damage and side effects.
This procedure absorbs fat by inserting a liposuction tube into the area
where liposuction is required by performing a small incision window of
2 to 3mm. It effectively reduces the number of fat cells, so you can selectively
slim down only the areas you want. It's not a good idea to have a very skinny body.

Minimize Incision, No Scarring.

Maintain effectiveness over a long period of
time with just one procedure.

Safe and accurate procedures with little tissue
damage and side effects.

Fast return to daily life, 30 minutes treatment time.

Body Clinic

Guwol Oracle Dermatology Liposuction


delicate line.


For highly rigid and
voluminous area,
we use PAL-based reposlims.


Selective fat destruction
and ultrasonic lifting
wth ultrajet.


Areas that requires tightening
rather than volume reduction.
Fat melting and skin tightening
with venus laser.

Liposuction, Reccommended for?


If you want to improve
your body shape in a
short period of time.


If you want smooth
skin line because of
bumpy line due to fats.


If you go back
to your previous
weight even afte a diet.


If you are worried about
areas that cannot be
resolved by exercise.


Precaution to take note of

From 24 hours to 3 days after surgery,
bruises and swelling may occur on the surgical area.

After removing the bandage and wear a compression
bandage for 2 to 3 months to allow swelling
to settle down and body shape to stay in place.

It is recommended that you take the prescribed
medicine and get enough rest during the day of surgery.

Drinking and smoking will slow the wound,
so it's better to avoid it for four weeks.

It is recommended that you take a shower after
a week after letting the wound heal.