A refined face
is determine
by a line

Nose surgery,
the perfect ratio.


Be pretty at any angle

For nose surgery, it is important to make a prominent nose.
But the most important thing is to make a natural nose in proportion to individual facial ratio.
In Guwol Oracle Dermatology, we create a natural looking nose on individual face lines by
utilizing the tip of the nose as well as the height of the nose.

  • Personalize

    Natural Result

    Safe Procedure

    Medical Team

As time goes by, it becomes natural like it was yours.

For those who want to have the golden ratio of overall face. Custom Design.

Droopy nose, Humpy nose, Broad nose and etc, all can be correct.

It is customized so that it reduce the burden of resurgical surgery. Increase satisfaction.


Does it mean higher is better?

No. For nose surgery, it is important to make a high bridged nose
but the most important thing is to complete
a harmonious nose to match the individual facial proportion.
It is recommended that the surgery be determined by
considering the appropriate proportion compared
to your face prior to the nose surgery.
From the forehead to the nose of the tip, creating a sleek,
sophisticated nose that matches your face.

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Nose Surgery, The perfect ratio


If you're worried about your low or flat nose.


If you want to make your face more three-dimensional with a sophisticated look.


If you're worried about the shape of your nose.


You're worried about the shape of your nose because of an accident.


Precaution to take note of

Drinking and smoking are not recommended for at least a week to two weeks after surgery.

Please refrain from blowing your nose or spitting phlegm as hard or much as possible.

Please do not lower your head or lie down when you are sleeping.

It is recommended not to remove scabs or scars from the inside of the nose or touch them.

It is recommended that you do not go sauna and hot bathe for more than three weeks after surgery.