Oracle lifting

The change to the
V-line begins

Stretch, Pull and Lift! Create an
elastic and slender face line


How to get younger faster without getting notice

The Oracle skin department in Guwol-dong has the
highest safety grade of KFDA (Food and Drug
Administration) and is non-surgical method that does
not require incision or fat injection, so lifting and
tightening procedures can be expected to have safe,
simple, and fast effects. Short treatment duration,
alsmot no pain from non-surgical methods and fast
recovery time. Which mean no disruption
to daily life after treatment.

  • Fast return to daily life! Surgery effects in a short time!

    A simple procedure without worrying about side
    effects and pain compared to surgical methods!

    It's safe from local anesthesia and
    it's pain-free, so there's less pressure!

    No worries about side effects such as
    swelling and bruising!

Improve Wrinkles
and Lifting Effect

Whitening Effect

Facial Contouring

Immediate Post
-procedure Effect

Target areas

  • Forehead

  • Eye area wrinkles

  • Cheeks

  • Neck

  • Chin

  • Smile line

  • Effects of getting younger looks

    Makes your skin more elastic and you can make
    various facial expression while lifting the saggy skin.
    It also makes your skin tone more clear and brighter
    which make you look younger with the v-line face shape.

  • Effects of skin elasticity
    and skin tone improvement

    In addition to the immediate post-procedure effects,
    as time pass, collagen natually regeneration over time
    which increases skin elasticity and skin tone improvements.

  • Safe without surgery

    Without a high risk of orthognathic surgery,
    just a simple lifting procedures, you can enjoy
    a youthful facial skin and shape.

  • Thread that melts over time

    Over time, the inserted thread melts, making
    natual collagen production more active and
    increasing the effect gradually. Also there is
    no risk of thread protruding out.

Safe and effective
melting thread PDO!

A licensed biodegradable and safe to use thread

It is observed that the dark collagen fibers in the skin become densely stretched after thread lifting and the blood vessels become enriched.

PDO contains collagen and when times pass by, it will melt by itself.

The string is very thin (0.12mm) You don’t need to worry
if it noticeable when it moves out of place.

It gives collagen to your skin and you can see the lifting effects.

Thread is safe to be absorbed into the body.
Need not to worry about side effects.

Thread Lifting! Stretch, Pull and Lift!


For someone who is concern about smile line, wrinkles around lip area and jawline deflection.


For a person who wants a beautiful V-Line.


For someone who wants to improve wrinkles and skin elasticity at the same time.


For someone who wants a fast and effective results.


Precaution to take note of

Post-procedure swelling and bruising may occur
but will disappear within 2 to 3 days as it is temporary.

Avoid excessive or strong facial massage
or acupunctural massage.

Do not shower with hot water or sauna
or hot steam room for one week after treatment.

It is recommended that you take care not
to unconsciously strain your facial muscles.

It is recommended that you sleep in a sleep position
without lying on your stomach or pressing down on the
treatment area as it will exert excessive force on the area.