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Dark, tired look, dark circles.

Dark circles are commonly referred to symptoms that look dark under the eyes. A black shade under the eyes and bulging eye bag gives you an impression of tiredness or being sick. The cause of the shade comes from a relatively excessive amount of fat under the eyes, which is also responsible for dark circles.

As dark circles have various symptoms, treatment must be distinguished. Be careful if you get the wrong treatment without knowing the cause as the symptoms can get worse. In Guwol Oracle Dermatology, we perform a combination of procedures depending on the cause of dark circles which treat dark circles more effectively.

  • Improve your
    look impression

    Under eye

    saggy skin

    Improve veins
    under the skin


Correct ratio to the perfect volume

The under-the-eye fat redistribution of the Oracle skin in Guwol-dong saves the existing caustic flesh,
but solves the bulging under-eye area to the dark circle with flat, evenly spread out areas under the snow.

Under eye fats removal

It removes fat from the bottom of the eye, completing flat and smooth eyes.

Under eye fats removal + relocation

It removes some excess fat and distributes the remaining fat around the orbital bone, completing smooth eyes and removing dark circles without any complication.

Laser under eye fats removal

Cut the inner side of the lower eyelid about 5mm before removing any unnecessary fat. No scars left and no stitches needed.

Dark circle / Lower eye bag surgery, Recommended for?


Someone with severe dark circle.


Someone with shady and fats protruding out on the lower eyelid.


Someone with a convex or droopy skin under the eye.


Someone with dark circle that make you look tired all the time.


Precaution to take note of

Your eyes may swell temporarily or bruises around the surgery area.
This will go away as time goes by.

Make sure that no water gets into the eyes for one week after surgery.

It is recommended not to wear contact lenses for two weeks after surgery.

Apply moisturizing and regenerating cream frequently as the skin may be dry after surgery.