Beauty starts from
a healthy hair

Hair Transplantation! A natural and
youthful results that makes you look
10 years younger

Men's Hairline Correction

When their forehead is overly high and out of proportion with the rest of their facial features, it makes them look older than actual age and can be mistaken as hair loss. If you have problem with broad forehead, you can get treatment much more effectively than someone who is going through hair loss and you can even get good results from a single operation.

Personalized design by loooking at male facial shape and line.

Finding even the smallest cause before the treatment to maximize result.

Detailed design of the implant site considering the possibility of hair loss to proceed.

Women's Hairline Correction

For women, If you have a wide forehead, a M-shaped forehead or if the side of the forehead looks wider, you can lower or narrow your forehead line to create a more natural image.
Which makes you look younger than before.

Calibrated with ideal forehead line to complete youthful face.

Personalized design considering female facial shape and lines.

Natural with delicate transplants depending on the growing direction, thickness and density of hair growth.


Regain confidence
through hair transplant

Guwol Oracle Dermatology uses the method of incision except for special cases and most hair treatments prefer incisions, except when the number of hair follicles to be transplanted is very small, such as secondary surgery, density reinforcement and etc.


Guwol Oracle Hair Transplant Program

  • Ballvic

    Bolvik's product, which is an advanced scalp management product that is exported to more than 20 countries worldwide and has a large number of clinical data that is presented to the International Society of Hair Transplantation.

  • Dr. Injector

    It injects various nutrients needed for hair growth and maturity into the dermal layer of the scalp and allows nearly 100 percent of the drug to be injected to maximize the effectiveness of hair transplantation.

  • PRP

    This skin regeneration treatment that brings back skin using your own blood. It is effective in various skin lesions and elasticity improvements and it encourages skin to regenerate itself.


Shh, natural abundance hair without anyone knowing!

Step 01

It's better to relax for two to three days after surgery and to lie down to help the swelling.

Step 02

We wash your hair for three days after surgery and minimize your daily discomfort.

Step 03

After three days of surgery, you can wash your hair but carefully at home.

Step 04

After 1 week, we will remove some of the stitches and after 2 weeks, we will remove the stitches completely.

Step 05

The hair that grows after three to five months after most of the transplant caps are removed is semi-permanent.

Step 06

After about 10 months, the transplant follicular will grow and it will be more effective with other treatments.

Hair Transplantation, Recommended for?


If you have thin hair or your hair seems like there is no strength.


Who feels that his/her scalp is harden because of hair loss.


Who wants to see the recovery effects of hair loss in a short period of time.


Anyone who's about to have a hair transplant. (help the transplant follicular settle down)


Precaution to take note of

You may experience pain after surgery, but pain can be reduced by painkillers.

If you want we can perform a hair transplant through sleep anesthesia.

It is recommended that you rest for 2 to 3 days after surgery.

Some of the stitches will be removed 1 week after surgery, the rest of the stitches will be completely removed 2 weeks after surgery.

Prevent water from touching the surgical area and you are allow to wash your hair 3 days after surgery.