Breast Examination

Treatment That Protects Your Health from Gynecologic Cancers

n order to protect your health from gynecologic cancers, you need prevention.
Find your true health through breast treatments at Oracle Clinic.

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Breast Examination Program at Oracle Clinic

  • Breast

    Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic offers breast ultrasonography for accurate and effective diagnosis of gynecological cancer.

  • Mammotome Treatment (BEXCORE®)

    This treatment observes the surgery area with ultrasound and takes the lesion tissue with a special needle to perform an examination.

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Breast Ultrasonography

It’s important to prevent all diseases before they are developed.
There has not been much information on primary preventative measures
for breast cancer, so it is important to take care of your breasts through secondary
preventative measures such as early discovery and early treatment.

Prevent diseases through regular examinations!

Helps to discover breast cancer at an early age!

Early symptoms that are hard to spot through

Those Who Should Receive Breast Ultrasonography


When there is a possibility of having a mass, which calls for a check-up for a lump


When you cannot find any reason for a lump in a breast in breast imaging


If you are in the high-risk group of breast cancer and have a dense breast but cannot find a clear diagnosis on breast imaging


If you have had a mastoplasty and need to examine the implants and breast tissue.

Oracle Clinic

Mammotome (BEXCORE ®)

This treatment takes adequate amount of breast tissue that is plays a decisive role in breast cancer
diagnosis without making an incision on breast tissue and having a surgery. Not only that,
but the treatment can eliminate lumps, cyst, or other abnormal lesions without a big surgery.
Mammotome can examine tissue and eliminate lesion without causing a severe pain,
and the patient can return to everyday life right after the treatment.

Treatment that does not require the patient to be admitted

Examination that barely leaves any scars

Accurate diagnosis made through access to adequate
amount of tissues

Mammotome (BEXCORE ®) Treatment Procedure

Needle is inserted using
an ultrasound guidance

Needle is positioned near
the lesion using
an ultrasound guidance.

Attempts to extract
a tissue using
the vacuum principle

Using the vacuum principle,
the tissue of the lesion is pulled
through a hole made
with the needle.

the lesion

The tissue that has entered
the hole made with the needle is
cut using a rotating knife.