A smart choice
for rich hair

Treatment of cause with systematic tailored
hair loss and hair roots treatment!

Activate follicle cells,
Hair Cell S2!

Haircell S2 is a hair treatment equipment developed by
Current Technology Corporation in Canada based on
the theory of cytogenetics, which forms a magnetic field
around the scalp to activate hair follicle cells and
increase blood flow in micro blood vessels to induce
treatment and decrease hair loss. It is also a safe device
with a KFDA certification and provides a higher level of
satisfaction in treatment of hair loss.

  • Induced cell division
    and hair growth

    KFDA Certified

    Nutrition of
    hair cells

    DNA synthesis

    Follicular cell

    hair loss

    blood flow

Hair loss treatment,
the most appropriate time for treatment is now!

  • Long Lasting

    The treatment last for a long time because it
    fundamentally treats hair cells to promote and activate them.

    Natural Results

    It doesn't work right after the injection, but it have the effect of slowly regenerating cells inside for about a week, so the symptoms are naturally mitigated.

    No Affect To Daily Life

    The treatment time is about 30 minutes, so it is relatively simple and it is also possible to have daily life right after the treatment. Even office workers can enjoy the procedure.


Men's Hair Loss

Male hair loss is a hair loss condition that can occur not only with genetic causes but also
with hormonal, environmental changes and constancy issues. Male hair loss is related to
heredity or family history, but also can occur due to hormonal changes, environmental
changes and homeostasis issues regardless of whether the hair loss gene is present or not.

  • M shape or O shape
    type hair loss

    Early Treatment Progress

    Confidence UP!

Women's Hair Loss

Female hair loss is generally caused by the addition of social, physical and
sexual characteristics of a woman in addition to the characteristics of
a hair loss patient. A hair loss that occurs as hair is gradually thinned and
denser based on the part of the hair and it is normally difficult to realize at first.

Overall hair amount becomes lesser and the scalp is exposed.

Accurate hair loss diagnosis is required.

Different from male hair loss that accelerates as it forms a particular shape.


Guwol Oracle Hair Loss Treatment Program

  • HairCell S2

    The magnetic field stimulates the hair follicles and low frequency magnetism promotes the influx of calcium associated with hair follicles and dermal cells and promotes the division of hair follicle cells and is effective in treating hair loss.

  • Dr. Injector

    Injects various nutrients needed for hair growth and maturity into the dermis of the scalp. The condition allows for at least 0.01cc to 0.1cc of injection. Nearly 100% of the medication injects to maximize its effectiveness.

  • MiniLux

    High blue and red wavelengths help treat post-laser sedation & regeneration and hair loss. It has small but powerful power and cool cooling.

  • Induce Growth Factor

    The healing process of the fine wounds promotes the absorption of various cellular growth factors leading to hair growth.

  • Vitamin Scalp Care

    By removing old dead skin and foreign substances from the scalp, we correct the cycle of awakening of scalp cells and open pores to promote the absorption of nutrients or drugs. This helps to assist in the secondary treatment of the problem scalp (dural scalp, follicle, oily, dry, sensitive, dandruff and etc.) and strengthen the regenerative power after the hair transplant.


Precaution to take note of

Please refrain from drinking alcohol, overwork and also refrain from physical fatigue and stress as much as possible.

Hair products such as mousse, spray, gel and etc avoid using if possible.

You should use shampoo rather than soap to wash your hair. And also clean your hair and scalp.

Wash your hair at most five times a week or at least three times a week.