Secrets of becaming
beautiful without
anyone knowing it!

Just a simple change can make a lot differences in your life.


There are many ways to be pretty!

Guwol Oracle Dermatology Clinic uses simple and fast procedure to complete your face to a solid youthful and healthy face. We practice various petit cosmetic surgery procedures that can be pretty enough even with a single procedure. On the other hand, we also aim and focus more on the procedure process, quality and quantity of the product used to make sure a safe and effective operation.


Dermal fillers are substances designed to be injected beneath the surface of the skin to add volume and fullness. It is also to treat different signs of aging like wrinkles or other cosmetic issues.


This substance, called botulinum, suppresses the nerve action of the muscles and relaxes the muscles, thereby reducing wrinkles and creating a smooth facial line.

V-line injection

The injection stimulates the lymph circulation which will break down the fat on your face. The "V-Line injection" literally naturally contours the face into a smooth, sculpated face without any kind of complex surgical methods.


Get the hidden golden volume ratio!

If you have a dull facial line and don't seem to have a three-dimensional effect volume.

For someone who has troubles with low nose, flat forehead, saggy cheeks and receding chin.

For someone who looks older than their actual age because of deep wrinkles.

For someone who are worried about their dull looking image, and want to have a more lively youthful look.

A Youthful Face Without Wrinkles

You can see the effect of becoming younger just by filling up the deep smile line wrinkles.

Three-Dimensional Line Volume

You can see the effect and correction from dull facial line to a lively and distinctive feature facial line.

Long Effective Result

The duration of the filler is about six months to a year, do take note that there maybe individual differences.

Natural Results

Unlike plastic surgery, just a simple injection technique can make a natural differences.

Fillers by Age-Specific Treatment Program

    • For bright dazzling youth

      Age 20's Filler Program

      20's filler program that focus on point that needed to volume,
      so that it does not overdo, creating a natural bright

    • Forehead






Botox, Know it before getting it!

Botox is a botulinum toxin that is injected into the body through a simple injecting process
to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles by inhibiting muscle nerves.
It also gives skin elasticity beyong simple wrinkles, creating a natural and beautiful impression.

If you're worried about wrinkles on your face.

If you're worried about having angular face shape or strong impression.

If you're having sweaty palm and feet that affect your daily life.

Someone who wants a slender shoulder line or a smooth calf.


Botox generally begins to show effects two to four weeks after treatment. And since it gradually loses its effectiveness from six months later, a 2nd retouch procedure will make it more effective. (Please note there may be individual differences.)

Simple, Easy, Beautiful V-Line

Petit treatment is less expensive due to short procedure time.

All procedures are safe with
genuine/quantitative usage.

Improves facial impression as well as appearance.

Create custom designs for individual facial features.

We will solve various problems such as volume turned off and wrinkles.


Facial Contouring Injection, helps you find back your V-line

If you are troubled by the size of your face.

If you're under a lot of stress due to facial asymmetry.

If you're worried about receding chin, protruding jaw and cheekbones.

If you want to correct facial line caused by saggy cheeks and the reduction of elasticity.

비교 표

Where to get your fillers, botox and V-line injection

  • Filler

    · Cheeks
    · Nose Tip
    · Nose Bridge
    · Lips
    · Forehead
    · Smile line

  • Botox

    · Forehead
    · Glabella
    · Eye Area
    · Mouth Area
    · Neck Wrinkles
    · Square Jaw Line
    · Trapezius Muscle
    · Sweaty Palm and Foot
    · Calf
    · Thigh

  • V-Line Injection

    · Cheeks
    · Chin fats / Double chin
    · Cheeks fats / Buccal Fats
    · Ear Lobe


Precaution to take note of

Please refrain from strong masticatory movement for 2 hours after treatment.

Avoid hot baths, sauna and dry sauna for one week after treatment.

It is recommended that you do not lie down immediately after treatment and make sure to have enough rest.

If the pain persists, please visit/contact us as soon as possible.