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The basic condition of a confident face

When it comes to pigmentation, we usually refer to freckles, lentiginosis, pigments, etc. Among them, the lentiginosis is a typical pigment lesion with clear boundaries, brown or black. It is a round spot and is usually exposed to sunlight on the face or hands. Lentiginosis have a deeper root than other pigmentation, so they have a better chance of reoccurring after treatment. However, it can be removed relatively effectively using laser for pigmentation. As pigmentation makes your skin look dull and dark, to overall improve your skin tone, guwol oracle dermatology specialist defines and treat by your skin problems and makes your skin looks clean and bright.

  • Selectively destroy melanin pigments to a clear and brighten skin!

    A wide range of selectively laser treatment program customize due to your skin types!

    We always aim to prevent recurrence!

    Short term effect? NO! We only aim for long term effect treatment!

What is the differences between
pigmentation & freckles?

  • Freckles

    Freckles are brown spots on areas exposed
    to sunlight, such as the face, neck and hands.
    The freckles are caused mainly by
    genetic factors and UV rays because
    the pigment cells in the epidermis produce
    excessive pigments.


    Pigmentation are caused by signs of suffering
    from dermatitis, folliculitis and trauma.
    Rather than freckles, it is larger, more seasonal and
    it usually appears in their late 20s and 30s.

Pigmentation treatment, Recommended for ?!


If you're worried about freckles and pigmentation caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays.


If you want an overall bright skin tone.


Someone who is stressed because he/she has freckles since young.


Who wants to take care of their pigmentation according to their skin condition.


Oracle Pigmentation Treatment Program


    Pastelle laser is an effective procedure for treating various color pigmentation such as freckles, pigments and tattoos located in the dermal layer, as well as other areas of the dermal layer.


    It's a way to remove the pigment by dividing the melanin in the skin into small pieces and allowing it to escape through the body's lymph cycle.


    Cellec is an effective laser device for freckles, pigmention, acne and redness. Using eight custom wavelengths for each pigment..


    Using active current and ultrasound, vitamins A, C, and AHA can be used to penetrate the skin’s dermal layer to help improve pigmenttion and prevent aging.


    This PRP skin regeneration therapy that brings back skin health condition by using your own blood. EGF and other growth factors in the PRP stimulate cell growth and replication to treat deep-rooted melasma and pigmentation.


    Real dual toning procedures with laser toning help to avoid reoccurrence by removing not only the pigment in the air but also by removing the blood vessels that nourish the air.


    Vitaliont therapy is a method of penetrating highly concentrated, active ionized vitamin C deep into the skin using an electro-ion motor system. Since it does not damage the skin, you can wash and apply make up immediately after treatment. This treatment is also good for skin aging, such as fine wrinkles.


    This is a new version that is more upgraded than the previous premium C6 laser toning, which divides the laser beam in half and outputs two beams continuously at fine intervals.


    Various wavelengths can be implemented to help cure redness and regenerate the skin. And in the process of treatment, pigment particles can be removed selectively to minimize skin tissue damage.


    A picosecond laser that investigates very high energy for a short period of time and effectively destroys only melanin or tattoo ink. It is especially effective in lesions including pigments such as tattoos and freckles of various colors.


    It is a new concept of laser treatment that uses the 1927nm Thulium laser to treat pigmented lesions such as dizziness and blemishes without damaging the epithelial skin and shrink collagen to experience the effects of elasticity, pores and wrinkles at the same time.


Precaution to take note of

Avoid hot and provocative areas such as hot baths, sauna and etc. for one week after treatment.

Do not touch the scab and might sure to apply the ointment well.

Avoid sweaty exercise and excessive suntan which could trigger pigmentation.

Apply sunscreen every two to three hours to areas where the scabs have fallen off.

You need to apply regenerative cream or ointment constantly to help your skin regenerate.