Traces you
want to erase

Even color tattoos
that can't be erased can be removed!


You don't have to worry or
hide anymore

Although tattoos such as various kinds of fashion tattoos and semi-corrosion makeup
are getting bigger, many people want to remove negative views of society or the wrong ones.
Removing the tattoo of the Oracle skin in Guwol-dong minimizes damage to
the surrounding normal tissue, removing only the tattoos you want to remove,
and treating them safely and effectively.

Selective removal of tattoo pigments!

Minimize skin damage!

Remove color tattoos too!

Normal Laser VS PicoSure Laser

The reason why PicoSure lasers have recently come into the spotlight as a way
to remove tattoos is because they have less pain and side effects than conventional tattoos.
PicoSure lasers are more effective because they break down pigments
than conventional tattoo removing lasers and the same number of
procedures can produce better results than conventional lasers.

Normal Laser

PicoSure Laser


Oracle Tattoo Removal Program


    This is a way to remove pigment by
    dividing the melanin pigments
    in the skin into small pieces through
    the body’s lymph cycle.


    Pastelle laser is an effective procedure for treating various pigmentation problems such as freckles, blemishes and tattoos located in the dermal layer, as well as other areas of the dermal layer.


    This is a new concept of a laser that is more upgraded than the traditional premium C6 laser toning, which divides the laser beam in half and outputs two beams continuously at fine intervals.


    Various wavelengths can be implemented to remove tattoos less often and they can also be effective in skin regeneration. In particular, it is possible to remove not only black but also various colors. It also selectively remove pigment particles to minimize skin tissue damage.


    A picosecond laser that investigates very high energy for a short period of time and effectively destroys only the ink particles of melanin or tattoo. It is especially effective in lesions including pigments such as tattoos and freckles of various colors.


    Picos studies high energy in the dermis for a short period of time and regenerates collagen, which has more than twice the effect of conventional lasers, making it the most efficient pore-reducing device.


Precaution to take note of

Avoid hot and provocative areas such as hot baths, sauna and etc. for one week after treatment.

Replace regenerative tape with a new one when it swells within 2 to 3 days and leave it until it does not swell anymore.

Must apply ointment and sunscreen when you go out.

If you get a scab, don't touch it so it will fall by itself natually. Apply ointment constantly.