The differences
one line can make

Natural and beautiful eyes
that match your face shape!

Bigger! Prettier! More Natural!

Although it's important that double eyelid operation make the eyes looks larger and clear,
But in Guwol Oracle Dermatology it is also important to produce a natual double eyelid.
With the know-how of Guwol Oracle dermatologist, you can get double eyelid surgery
with minimize scarring and meanwhile make your eyes clear!

Customize to match different types of face shape,
such as thickness of eyelid, skin type,
distance between eyes and eye shape!

Everyone hates to be the same!
My own perfect set of eyes with my own
personality and beauty!

University Hospital-grade medical equipment
and a systematic cooperative system!

First principle of Guwol Oracle Dermatology,
patient safety!

What kind of double eyelid surgery fits me?

  • Incision Method

    After removing the stitches from
    the outer skin, the lines are clearly
    aligned in such a way as to maintain
    a clear line. Unlike the burial method,
    there is very little chance of unraveling
    and a variety of eyelids can be created
    to suit the characteristics of the patient's eyes.

  • Burial Method

    Since there are no incision done,
    there are almost no surgical marks.
    After surgery, results look natual
    and no one can tell that you did
    an eyelid surgery

Eyelid Surgery, Recommended for?


Someone who wants
a natural double eyelid


Someone who wants
a more clear and brighter
set of eyes


Someone who wants to do
buried suture method after
eye surgery


Someone who want
a simple surgery


Precaution to take note of

Make-up is allow 24 hours after removing the stitches.
Eye makeup is only allow 2 to 3 days later. Do not rub when you remove it.

If there's blood in the surgical area, press it first and
apply cold packs. Contact the clinic for more enquries.

Apply cold packs for 2 to 3 days after surgery, and hot packs
from the 4th day onwards.

Because of the risk of frostbite if cold packs are used too long, it is
recommended to have a rest for 20 minutes for each 1 hour of cold pack.

Wearing of lenses vary depending on surgery, but you can wear them
after three weeks. Please avoid alcohol and cigarettes for one month.

Do not rub your eyes or sleep on your face after surgery and
do not forcefully remove scab or spread the treatment area.