Simultaneous removal of flanks and abdominal fat
on affected areas that does not remove easily

SculpSure is a waist-reducing lipid laser approved by the U.S. FDA
that uses heat to melt fat in the abdomen and sides
to help restore a smooth, slim body line.

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Just 25 minutes, making beautiful body lines
with SculpSure

SculpSure is a non-invasive laser procedure that selectively destroys
fat cells in 25 minutes and effectively removes fat that does not require diet or exercise.

스컬프슈어는 비침습 레이저시술방식으로, 25분만에 지방세포만 골라서 선택적으로 파괴하며,
다이어트나 운동으로 빠지지 않는 군살을 효과적으로 제거해줍니다.

SculpSure, recommend for ?

Anyone who suffers from abdominal and side fat that can't
be remove by exercising

Anyone who wants to reduce waist circumference
by non-surgical removing fat cells

A busy working life, who doesn't have enough time to exercise

Anyone who wants a natural result without bruising
or swelling after the procedure

Anyone who wants to be treated with proven reliable equipment

Body Clinic

No hardcore exercise, having a slim-line figure!

SculpSure is the most comfortable and effective obesity treatment that reduces fat cells by 24 percent in a single procedure.
Using 1060 nm wavelengths for 25 minutes to safely destroy subcutaneous cells under the dermis.

스컬프슈어는 1회 시술로 지방세포가 24%까지 감소하는 가장 편안하면서도 효과적인 비만치료입니다.
25분동안 1060nm 파장을 이용하여 안전하게 진피 아래에 있는 피하지방 세포들을 파괴하게 됩니다.

Body Clinic

Get rid of fat quickly and simply!

SculpSure provides quick and easy fat removal with a single 25-minute treatment
and no-downtime. In addition, warm-up and treatment times are more than twice
as short as any other procedures, making them suitable for patients with busy lifestyle.
The 1060nm continuous wave energy optionally penetrates the subcutaneous
fat layer and concentrates, decomposing the fat cells without damaging the skin and nerves.

Beautiful body line completed in 25 minutes without
injection and incision!

Just sit or lie down comfortably after attaching the device, DONE!

Reliability UP!

No bruises, no swelling! Daily life is possible right after the procedure!


Precaution to take note of

Symptoms such as stiffness may occur, but will disappear
within two to three days.

Redness, pain, lumps, bruises, etc. may occur but will Disappear
within 2 to 4 weeks.

Consume loads of moisture intake helps the damaged fat cells
get out of the body quickly.

Massage the treatment area once or twice a day
for 5 to 10 minutes to help with recovery time.

It is recommended that you avoid tanning and excessive
sunlight for a week after treatment.